Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation

Are you a seasoned leader with expertise in the semiconductor industry who is skilled at cultivating a motivating work atmosphere for your team, owning FE technology roadmaps and are you experienced in strategic workforce planning? Do you thrive on defining clear Mission Vision Strategies, technology benchmarking and analyzing trends? Are you a great resource manager with excellent project execution skills? Then we would like to get in contact with you!

Ampleon as your employer

Created in 2015 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Ampleon is shaped by nearly 60 years of RF Power leadership. The company envisions to advance society through innovative RF solutions based on GaN and LDMOS technologies. Ampleon is dedicated to being the partner of choice by delivering high-quality, high-performance RF products with its world-class talent. The portfolio offers flexibility in scaling design and production for any volume and addresses applications for 4G LTE, 5G NR infrastructure, industrial, scientific, medical, broadcast, navigation and safety radio applications. Proven reliability, secure supply and excellent product consistency enable highest manufacturing yields for customers who benefit from Ampleon being a one-stop-partner for RF Power solutions. For more details, please visit

The name ‘‘Ampleon’’ is the combination of “amplify” (=enhance) and “eon” (=eternity). It reflects the products they stand for and their commitment to “Amplify a sustainable future” of RF Power. The values of Ampleon are focus, excellence, and velocity which help them structure responsibilities, facilitate teamwork and increase employee satisfaction. Ampleon believes that variety and diversity make a difference and are key to their success.

As a global company with 1,600 employees worldwide, Ampleon has 15 offices spread across three continents: Europa, Asia, and the Americas. The headquarters are situated on Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Ampleon organizes a variety of inspiring events throughout the year, such as various technical conferences, sports and family events, and many more.

Your role as Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation

As the leader of the Device Physics, Technology and Innovation (DTI) group within the Global Technology Department of Ampleon, situated within the I&T organization overseen by the CTO, your role is multifaceted and pivotal in driving technological advancement and innovation within the company, where you will oversee a team of approximately 15 engineers.

As a key member of the Global Technology Team and the designated owner of Ampleon’s Front End Technology Roadmap, you demonstrate strong leadership by asking incisive questions, providing and receiving constructive feedback, and fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration among multicultural teams across Ampleon. Your seniority enables you to initiate and support cross-organizational improvement initiatives, addressing unresolved issues with confidence, navigating conflicts effectively and change activities in the technology domain to further cement the foundation of new product introduction within Ampleon. You pick up new assignments at the company level to further grow and strengthen the company.

Furthermore you are responsible for resource management where you oversee the Device Physics, Technology and Innovation (DTI) team based in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), assuming responsibility for coaching, performance appraisal, career guidance, and continuous development of team members. This includes recruitment of qualified candidates to fill vacancies and prompt resolution of performance issues, while ensuring transparent allocation of resources to projects and programs to maintain optimal team workload.

You are also responsible for competence management. Your role involves strengthening Ampleon’s Intellectual Property in device physics, device application, and process technology through strategic management of trade secrets, patents, publications, white papers, and training sessions. You prioritize group competence development by fostering expert knowledge, facilitating technical infrastructure enhancement, promoting cross-learning, nurturing external contacts and improving methodologies around on-wafer simulation, device modelling and characterization. Additionally, you oversee individual competence development through tailored training, mentorship, and personal assignments.

You are also in charge of project execution. As the custodian of the Front End Technology (FET) roadmaps aligned with Ampleon’s 5 Year Plan, you are accountable for executing FET project development within agreed timelines and outcomes. This includes fostering seamless collaboration with foundry partners and China-based FE-technology teams, driving the development of new FE-nodes and process modules, and supporting FE production sustaining activities. Furthermore, you spearhead improvements in internal development processes, ensuring alignment with Modelling and Product Development teams to maximize performance enhancements of FE technologies at the Doherty level and facilitate integration with design and application domains.

On top of that you have shared responsibility for CTO’s R&D budget, roadmap definition and execution, competence framework, performance management and quality management framework.

Your profile

As Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation you possess a demonstrated history of team leadership and possess significant competence in change management, compliance with PCP (project control plan), intellectual property and executing roadmaps. Your proficiency extends to navigating challenging technical landscapes, where you adeptly foster growth and innovation. Furthermore, you exhibit a high level of adaptability in multicultural settings, effectively managing conflict with tact and cultural sensitivity. To fulfill these responsibilities, it is expected that you maintain a presence in the office for a minimum of four days per week.

We are seeking an individual with the following background and capabilities:

  • A minimum of 10 years of industrial experience, preferably in RF Semiconductor Device Physics and/or Technologies such as GaN, Silicon, among others.
  • Demonstrated experience serving as a group, team, or program leader within international teams/settings.
  • Experience in industrialization and manufacturing processes is considered advantageous.
  • Proficiency in English, both written and verbal.
  • Proven ability to effectively interface with customers.
  • Strong commitment to achieving results.
  • A collaborative mindset with a proven track record of being a team player.
  • Exceptional communication skills, including the ability to navigate cross-cultural contexts and actively listen.
  • The successful candidate will hold a Master's or PhD Degree.

What is Ampleon offering you?

Ampleon is offering you the opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally in a challenging, dynamic and international environment. Within Ampleon you find over 35 nationalities working in cross-functional teams. It is a flat organization where the atmosphere is informal, flexible, no-nonsense and hands-on. Ampleon also plans a variety of inspiring events throughout the year, such as various development activities, sports and family events. Ampleon offers a competitive compensation package including a bonus program, excellent pension scheme and a bicycle plan.

For international employees hired from abroad, Ampleon offers full relocation support.

Your application procedure

If you see yourself as the Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation, below the application process:

Send us your CV. If we think you are fit for the role then you will be invited for an interview at Habilis. During the interview Mario van Bambost (Partner) will give you more information about Ampleon as well as the ins and outs of the available position as Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation.

When both parties experience this interview positively, you will be introduced to Ampleon where you will meet with Bert Huizing (Manager Global Technology) and HR.

Are you the Manager Device Physics, Technology and Innovation for Ampleon?

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